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February 29, 2020

Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages in everything we do in life, why should social media be any different?

Just take these with you and use them before venturing in the immense world of social media. These are particularly relevant if you are running a business, regardless it’s size or reach.

On the + side

  • you can get to a larger audience
  • the communication is direct, no need for any intermediate
  • it’s a good way to deliver organic content
  • but, if you want you can run ads and take it all to the next level
  • social media is a great way to drive traffic into your website
  • you can do it all by yourself if you want to! 
  • all these actions can be measured so you can continue to improve and get even better results

On the – side 

  • one of the biggest downsides is negative feedback to your content, never ignore it! It may grow into a giant snowball and run you over
  • campaigns can be time-consuming, be prepared to invest not only money but also time or it may be useless 
  • results take time, don’t expect to be on the top wheel overnight
  • viral can be good or it can be a source of embarrassment. Do your research before posting anything to avoid this

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